Applewood Pointe is located in beautiful Woodbury

Senior cooperative living couldn’t be better at Applewood Pointe of Woodbury!

Cooperative housing provides a unique form of home ownership.  Residents don’t own their apartments in the traditional sense, but each household purchases a share in the building to become members of the co-op, and own their residences collectively.

In a cooperative there is one mortgage on the property.  Members contribute to the mortgage according to the remaining balance on their unit after the initial payment.  Monthly payments take care of common area maintenance, insurance, real estate taxes, natural gas, water, sewer, replacement reserves and more. Mortgage interest and real estate taxes are  deductible from member’s state and federal income tax.  Cooperatives keep easy living affordable by offering limited equity on share values, while still making your investment count.

Your opinions matter!  Applewood Woodbury is entirely self-governed and residents are involved in the day-to-day operations of the community.  An all-resident board of directors is elected by the membership.  Other resident committees are vital to the cooperative’s operation.  And although committee involvement is encouraged, participation is not mandatory.